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User Erika Maria
07.14.08 23:36 by  Erika Maria

The Riviera is located in San Pedro, close to excellent bars, clubs and other restaurants. Having dinner here and some cocktails after is my advice. The terrace is sooo nice, most of my girls use to come here. Watch the sky at night and drift away in the vibe created by gleaming light and soft lounge music. Incredible location that can easily compete with others worldwide!
Food: 8.0
Service: 10.0
Décor: 10.0
Music: 10.0
Atmosphere: 9.0
Total: 9.4
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User eugeniolee
08.24.11 08:33 by  eugeniolee

I would not recomend this place. We returned a spoiled crab suhi and they insisted we had to pay. we spoke with the manager, whom agreed, but said there was nothing he could do!!!!
Food: 1.0
Service: 1.0
Décor: 4.0
Music: 7.0
Atmosphere: 5.0
Total: 3.6
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Food: 9.5
Service: 9.0
Décor: 9.0
Music: 8.6
Atmosphere: 8.5
Total: 8.9
(825 Evaluations)

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